Our Work

For almost 20 years, Easy510 has been working alongside with our network of partners to provide developing communities access to clean, safe water and sanitation. As of today, we have successfully improved the lives for over 200,000 people. We are committed to developing solutions that will efficiently respond to the needs of each specific community.

Learn more about how we are continuing to impact lives every day with safe water.



  • India – Easy510 provides safe drinking water and sanitization awareness to families all over India.
  • Philippines – Easy510 has recently started a project in northern Luzon to establish problems to provide water and sanitation awareness.
  • Bangladesh – while there are no current programs at this time, we are focused on addressing the water needs in the urban and rural areas.



  • Haiti – As one of the poorest nations on the planet, more than half of its citizens lacks access to safe water and nearly 1 in 5 individuals have access to a toilet. We are committed to providing sources of sanitation within the next five years.
  • Peru – Since the partnership in 2003, Easy510 has continued to support the town of Lima for water awareness.
  • El Salvador – While there are no current programs in El Salvador, we have participated in two water projects that have served more than 2,000 people in the local communities.



  • Ghana – Our local programs have taken place in the Upper East regions as we have developed community-based water along with hygiene and sanitary education for women.
  • Kenya – Easy510 understands the severe drought in Kenya as is currently finding solutions to sanitize and clean the local lakes, rivers, and streams that are found to be contaminated.
  • Ethiopia – Easy510 has engaged in projects that have continued to serve nearly 60 communities. Most of which are hit the hardest with crop failure due to drought.