4 Facts about water you probably didn’t know

Water scarcity is one of the most challenges in development we’re dealing with in the 21st century. With nearly three billion people living near affected areas, the water demand is far more than the supply that is available. Without water, we would not be able to survive. Nearly 40,000 people die from contaminated water consumptions.

Here are four facts about the water you probably didn’t know.


Climate change is said to affect sources of water

With the increase in rainfall and temperatures, climate change is reported to affect access to water and enhance the severity of floods as well as droughts. This will also affect the world’s ecosystems that maintain most of the world’s supply.

The world may run out of water by 2050

With the ever-growing population of nearly 80 million people each year, the global food demand will increase by almost 75% by 2050. This may also increase the agricultural water consumption to 20%.

Agriculture takes up most of the water resources

As of today, more than 68% of the world’s water resources are used in the agricultural sector. For some third world countries, farmers use nearly 90% of the country’s water. While the earth is covered by approximately 80%, only 3% is fresh, and 1% is drinkable.


Countries have more access to technology than toilets

In most developing countries, untreated waste ends up in the sewers that lead to our water resource. This contaminates the quality of water, which ultimately causes sickness and death.

Bottom Line

We need to develop more innovations to reduce water scarcity and clean whatever water we have left. With the harsh realities of water shortages around the world, we must commit to finding sustainable resources for the near future.