Why is Water Essential? — Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is all around us. From where we swim to the stuff we drink, water makes up about two-thirds of our body. This might explain why we feel better when we stay hydrated. Here we will explain why water is essential and the health benefits of water.

Waters helps maintain the body’s fluid balance

Our bodies are composed nearly 70% water. The functions of these fluids play a role in digestion, circulation, absorption, temperature maintenance, nutrient transportation, and saliva. When your body is running low on fluids, the brain may start to trigger the body’s thirst and leave you feeling dehydrated.

Waters help keep skin healthy and radiant

Your skin contains enough water to function as a protective barrier against excessive fluid loss – leading to the lack of collagen and fine lines. Once the body is well hydrated, the kidneys work to excrete excess fluids and help lock in moisture.


Water naturally detoxes the kidneys

Your kidneys work to cleanse and get rid of your body’s harmful toxins. This means when your urine flows freely; you are getting plenty of fluids. When your body lacks enough fluids, the kidneys start trapping extra fluid for the body’s necessary bodily functions and putting you at risk of kidney stones.

Protects us against some forms of cancer

Research shows that the higher fluid intake, the lower the risk of bladder cancer. Keeping your body properly hydrated can also reduce the possibility of breast and colon cancer.

Bottom Line

The body’s requirement for water varies with each person and body weight. Be sure to have a glass of water with every meal and drink water throughout the day. Also be sure to consume for fruits and vegetables as nearly 20% of fluid intake comes from our food consumption.